Dream Of Being Slapped

Dream Of Being Slapped

Dream Of Being Slapped

 Mathew 5:38-39 [38] Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: [39] But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.


Luke 6:27  But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.


Prayer: Father, give my enemy a hot slap that will scare them away from me, in the name of Jesus.


The word “slap” connotes hit or strike with the palm of your hand. Do you dream of being slapped or slapping someone? In some cultures, it is taboo for a younger person to slap an elderly person, if he does, such a person will be beaten for an act of disrespect. For every slap, there must be a reason behind it. Slapping in the dream could represent anger, aggression, judgment, conflict, frustration, etc. On the positive side, if you see yourself being slapped in a dream, it could mean God is trying to get your attention.


If you are been slapped on your cheek in the dream, it could be a sign to test your humility. Dreaming about being slapped or slapped by someone could represent rebuke, attack, bully, or insult. If you are slapping someone in your dream, it could be a warning to avoid any kind of conflict with someone and try to control your temper. In some cases, slapping someone on his cheek in a dream could come as a sign of cautioning or warning a person.


If you are slapped or slapping someone, it could represent a big blow or warn you someone is trying to take advantage of you. If you slap an elderly man in a dream, it warns you against disrespecting the elderly. It might mean that you will be criticized or ashamed for breaking the law. If a woman slaps a man in the dream, it means the woman will control the man’s decision or action. If a man slaps a woman in your dream, it is a sign of a weak man who has no will to control his marriage adequately.


If an elderly man slapped you in the dream, it is a sign for you to keep your mouth shut and be disciplined. It is a sign that someone will correct it in public. If you try to settle a dispute between two people, and one slaps you, it warns you to stop meddling with people’s private affairs. If someone slaps you in the dream, it means you are hated by someone and the person is trying to cut a link between you and someone.


If you always find it hard to respect people because of your ego and pride. You may have a dream where someone will slap your cheek. The slap can be a correction or warning for you to behave yourself. If you are being slapped, it could remind you of your lack of respect or appreciation. If you are slapping a child in the dream, it means you are using your anger against someone whom you have control over. If a child slaps you, it means a disgrace in the public. If you are slapping on the cheek, if you are laughing, afterward, it means you should stop treating people badly, and know that others will do the same to you.


If you slapped someone, it could also mean that you are angry at someone, but try to use wisdom in everything. If a stranger slaps you, it is a sign of someone trying to tarnish your image and mess up your life. If a policeman or soldier slaps you in the dream, it is a sign of being defeated, or a person will fall and struggle to bounce back. If you are slapping your mother, it means you will hurt, disappoint, and get angry over her. Try to control yourself and be a good person, I understand how you are feeling. If you are slapping someone crying in the dream, it could mean that you are doing something that someone does not like.


If someone slaps you and you cry, it means that someone has disappointed you to the point that you regret ever coming close to him or her. If you are slapping someone, perhaps try to exercise self-control no matter what they have done, relax, and be at peace. If you are slapping others or someone is slapping you, it means someone has powers over you. If you are slapping your ex, it is a sign that you do not want him or her again.


Slapping your ex means he should go and stop bothering you. If you are slapping or being slapped by your family member, it means you will soon have conflict with some people in your family. Perhaps troubling you or you do not like him because of his meekness. If you are slapping someone close to you, perhaps you could be having bad habits that are chasing them away from you. Perhaps you are intimidating people, do not be too quick to judge, wait, and let the Spirit of God direct you. If you are being slapped in the dream, it could be a sign of condemnation, lying, opposition, denial of some claims, dishonor, etc.


If you are slapped by a friend, it means he or she is taking you for granted. Perhaps, the person did not value you. If you are being slapped, it means someone will deal with you very soon. If someone slapped you or you slapped someone, it means you may feel ashamed or guilty about something you have done or the way you acted in a situation. This also means you uttered words that will affect someone. If a spirit slaps you, it means you will receive sad news.


If you are being slapped by a normal person, it could be someone is hurting you with their words and you are not happy about it. Being slapped could be a betrayal from a trusted person, it is so unfortunate you did not expect this. If you slap others, you do not need to take revenge, allow God to deal with that person. If you are been slapped, it could mean an attack from demons warning you that you are stepping your boundaries.


If you slap a mad person, it means you are operating under a strong spell, cast it out. If you are slapping your loved ones, it means there is going to be a problem in the affairs. Being slapped by someone in your dream could show that someone will transfer aggression and pain to you. If you slap someone, it may warn you against hatred of others.



  1. Surrender your life to Christ.
  2. Be a good Christian.
  3. Show love to those who hate you.
  4. Make peace with all men.
  5. Do not repay anyone for evil.
  6. Avoid judging or dishonoring people.


INSTRUCTION: If you are being slapped many times, you need the courage to endure the pain, humiliation, and persecution. Go on three days of fasting 6 am-6 pm.



  1. O lord, crucify flesh on the cross, in the name of Jesus
  2. Father, slap my enemy on the cheek, in the name of Jesus
  3. Holy Spirit, grant me the grace to love those who hate me, in the name of Jesus
  4. Every power trying to attack me, I attack you, in the name of Jesus
  5. O Lord, frustrate every power that wants to disgrace me, in the name of Jesus.


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