Nizia Lupiya - Malawi

And I have a testimony to share with u, in 2022 my husband left me , he sent to Zimbabwe where he said was going there for a ministry ,while he went there and married a certain woman ,who said was an evangelist, he said to be there for only 2 weeks , after the agreed time passed I tried to find out why is he taking so long and no more communication between us ,it's when I found that he has married there.i was peace less , I now come upon the Lord and find the prayers u post about strange woman in my marriage , I followed every step in the prayers while I was praying these prayers every thing happening there come out through dreams when I wake up it was exactly what I saw in the dreams, till I saw my husband coming back to me and everything about their relationship was complicated, the lady and her relatives used to insult me but at the end they come to me and apologize , as such I want to thank u for your powerful working prayers. What happened with your prayers bring me very closer to God and I realized that there is no any other way to come out from any problem no matter how big and terrible it is apart from trusting and obeying God. We are now living happily than ever before. May the Almighty God bless u and increase your territories more and more. Amenđź‘Ź

Debra - Canada

Hello Evangelist Joshua, my permanent residency came yesterday, glory to God.

David - Uganda

I have been reading about content on eating in dreams...your teaching has caused a great change about my situation and i feel relieved. Praise God.

Kenneth Ibekwe - Enugu

I have gotten appointment as a Hospital Consultant in a reputable Hospital. I Praise God for my Job breakthrough. Hallelujah.

Bukola - UK

Thanks so much evang Joshua for all the prayers about dreams on YouTube. I have been praying the eating and drinking in the dream and God delivered me. May God continues to use you IJN Amen.

Patricia Adoga -Nigeria

Good evening sir, I just wanted to say thank you for the financial breakthrough prayer you put online. I have been using it these past few days while fasting . I wasn’t in a good place financially before and it was embarrassing but God willingly and by his grace I am financially abundant.

Patricia Adoga -Jamaica

Good morning sir. I prayed last night with the prayer points I saw God moved before day light. Sir the lady who I am in contact with regarding the overseas job she stopped taking my calls after the loan that I borrowed to sort out myself came through I collected the money yesterday and she stopped taking my calls. I prayed last night and I cried I got up off my stomach at 1:01am. She called me at 1:01am and we talk God is good I pray for you and your family and ministry too. Thank you for helping me with the prayer. God bless you and your ministry. Amen.

Ruth -SA

We were blessed with a fully funded home all praise to God. Hallelujah.

Mr Ogali Sunday Matthew -Ebony state

I am very grateful the way God is using you essentially in the dream interpretation.

Honestly Evan - JOSHUAtv

Has provided many of my solutions via dream God will continue to reward you in Jesus name.

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