Dream About Umbrella

Dream About Umbrella

Dream About Umbrella

 Isaiah 43:2  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.


Prayer: Father, cover my shame and protect me from evil attacks, in the name of Jesus.

An umbrella is used to protect a person from rainfall or sunlight. Umbrella in the dream can be viewed from different perspectives. Did you dream about an umbrella last night? The dream of an umbrella could represent a bad or good omen. Positively, an umbrella in your dream could represent protection, on the negative side, the dream of an umbrella can be used by the devil to bring sickness and blockage.


If you are using an umbrella during rain, the spiritual meaning could foretell protecting yourself from spiritual problems and evil arrows. If you are under God’s arm of protection or dwelling in the secret place of God or an indicator of being safe. If you are using an umbrella in your dream, it means the lord will preserve you from trouble and evil. If you have an evil umbrella, spiritually, this type of umbrella is used to monitor and keep a person under a mobile bondage. An evil umbrella can hide a person from being seen by good people.


If you are experiencing long delays in your success, using an umbrella could be a spiritual barrier. On the positive side, the dream of using an umbrella can be to shield the sun or rainfall, if you are stable or happy, the meaning could indicate happiness, safety, peace, hope, and God’s watch over you. An umbrella in the dream could represent a man who is working hard to bring his family in love and unity. Dreaming of an umbrella could mean the lord will guide you going out and coming in.


An umbrella in your dream may warn you of a big storm coming and prepare you to keep yourself and your family from getting hurt by it. The sun or rainfall could be a blessing or a curse trying to find their way into your life. If the rain is a form of blessing, and you are using an umbrella to shield yourself, it could be a sign that you are the one blocking your blessing. Try to find out if it is your sin that is blocking God’s presence. If it is a curse and you find yourself using an umbrella, it is a good signal. It means certain curses are trying to attack you, but the presence of God in your life did not give the curse a successful operation.


The Bible says “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”. All these signs can be detected from your emotions or how the dream ended. If you are buying a new umbrella in the dream, it means a new home that will bring the family together in unity. It refers to blessing, comfort, and peace. Perhaps, you are trying to protect yourself and your family from troubles. If you are using an umbrella to cover your head, especially during rain, it is a sign of protection from evil burdens, bewitchments, and curses. If in your dream, your umbrella is snatched away, in this case, the umbrella represents a person, family, position, or safety.


If they snatched it away from you, it means you are going to have serious problems in your home. That means a person is about to be disgraced or attacked. If you dream of opening an umbrella, it is a sign of keeping you safe from trouble. Perhaps, you have been facing lots of battles, but opening an umbrella means a solution has come to that present issue. If you dream of closing or closing the umbrella, it might be the end of problems that gives you a new beginning. If during rainfall and you are still closing it and you are drenched, it intends big trouble disgracing you.


If you dream of a black umbrella covering you, it is a sign of an evil hand trying to hide you, or prevent you from that blessing or keep you in bondage, giving room for difficulties, depression, helplessness, and stagnancy. If you are seen losing an umbrella in the dream, perhaps, it shows that you are not safe anymore and this can give the enemy access to trouble your life. If you are holding an umbrella in the dream, it indicates your weapon to fight against the stormy season in your life. Always be ready to protect your family from evil control and manipulations.


If you are flying with an umbrella in a dream, very soon you are going to experience divine support and elevation, do not give up. If you see a broken umbrella in your dream, it indicates home problems, sickness, death, hopeless situations, and curses. It shows that you will be disappointed on the day of your blessings. If in your dream, you see a licking umbrella, that is, a dropping of rainwater, it is a sign of illness or poverty that may affect your career, ministry, or family togetherness. It shows that a spirit will not give you rest or peace of mind in your plans.


They are trying to arrest you and spoil your plans. If you dream of the red umbrella, it denotes a danger or evil protection from God’s blessings and miracles. If you dream of the yellow umbrella, it might be the enemy trying to prevent your healing and kill you through that affliction or illness, reject it. If you dream of the blue umbrella, it is a sign of divine remembrance, good luck, or family blessing. If you are repairing an umbrella in your dream, it shows that you are trying to fix some problems that are preventing you from moving forward in life, success is coming.


If you are finding an umbrella, it means that your efforts will lead to success and there will be protection of your investments. If you are receiving an umbrella, it shows that you are going to experience support, favor, or happiness in your marriage. If you see a white umbrella in your dream, it refers to the Holy Spirit giving you peace, comfort, joy, and protection from bad people. If you dream of an umbrella hanging upside down, it is bad luck or weakness in one’s spiritual life. If you see the wind blowing your umbrella from your hand, it means shame, disgrace, and reproach. It is a sign that the enemy is exposing you to people for mockery and dishonor.


If someone borrowed your umbrella, it means your enemy has stolen your power and reputation. Take it back. If you received a lost umbrella, it means your stolen blessing is back. If you see an umbrella, it means you will overcome the persistent challenges in your life. Dreaming about using an umbrella either to shield ourselves from rain or the sun teaches us to always keep ourselves from trouble and remain in God’s secret place of mercy, deliverance, and protection.



  1. Keep yourself from trouble.
  2. Remove anything that is blocking your rain of blessing and hide yourself under the shadow the God.
  3. Believe that God will remember you.
  4. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.


INSTRUCTION: If this dream is disturbing, kindly embark on 7 days of fasting and prayer, 6 am-6 pm



  1. Let the power of God shield me from evil rains, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Let the fire of God destroy the evil umbrella hiding me from being seen, in the name of Jesus.
  3. O lord, arise and give me a happy home, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every plan of the wicked against me through this dream, I abort it in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Father, always place a watch over me day and night in the name of Jesus.
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