Dream About Flat Tyres

Dream About Flat Tyre

Dream About Flat Tyre.

Judges 18:5-6 And they said unto him, Ask counsel, we pray thee, of God, that we may know whether our way which we go shall be prosperous.


Prayer:  I declare that all obstacles to my success, scatter by fire in the name of Jesus.


A tyre is a symbol of balancing, movement control, and direction. A flat tyre dream can represent insecurity, delay, and danger ahead. To dream of your car having a flat tyre, might be a warning sign that you are being hindered from carrying out your purpose. You are currently experiencing some sort of frustration, disappointment, and failure. Similarly, to dream about a flat tyre might be a sign from God to cancel that journey or to prevent you from embarking on that task, doing so, might be terrible; it may be that the holy spirit is trying to prevent you from accident, robbery attack or other circumstances ahead.


If you have a car in real life, this dream might be alerting you that your car is due for servicing and maintenance. You may need to check your tyres to see if it does not have issues. You may need to check your oil to see if it needs to change. Dream about flat tyres, the meaning may take many forms. It may be directed against your ministerial growth and progress. Having a flat tyre may represent a lack of control and difficulty in achieving your purpose. A dream about a flat tyre may suggest that it is time to be more careful in your intended action and decision.


Perhaps, the dream is prompting you to pray about delays and obstacles. Maybe you were considering going to achieve something and the dream is a way of showing you that you have enemies opposing your speedy acceleration to your dreams and goals. A dream of fixing a flat tyre may represent something in the dreamer’s life that needs to be fixed or addressed. The flat tyre may symbolize a problem or obstacle in ones that is hindering progress. Fixing a flat tyre suggests a solution to present issues. It shows you can achieve your goal in life.


If the tyres are not fixed, it may prevent the dreamer from achieving their goals. The problem can be small and easily fixable, or it may be more complicated and require more effort to resolve. If you are changing a tyre, it means that God is removing something that is delaying you and replacing it with something that will aid you in faster progress in life. Seeing a tyre in a dream is associated with the need to move on in life. To dream of a store tyre means someone deprives you of your career progress. To see your tyre punctured suggests that you are going to instability in some area of your life.


If adequate steps are not taken to address this, it may cause a tragic incident. Be careful sometimes, a dream of changing a flat tyre, may symbolize a need to change your job to a better one. Seeing a car flat tyre, is a sign to prepare you for the challenges you are going to face, and be ready to overcome it. If the car is caused by wear and tear, it means an attack ministry or your virtues.


A flat tyre may represent a man under a curse, or a man whose finance has been attacked. If the tyre cut while on motion. It means you will hear bad news. Dream of having flat tyre symbolizes feelings of anxiety or stress in regard to the upcoming event. Alternatively, this could be a warning to take things slowly and not overstress yourself. If you are a pastor, the dream could be a symbolic of attack against your anointing and your ministry. If you set a new tyre to replace it, it means you will experience positive changes and satisfaction. Tyre is a journey, may you get to your desired destination. Every power attacking the wheel of your progress shall die.


Instruction: Go on 2 days fasting and prayers 6am-6pm


Bible/ref:  psalm 37:23, psalm 86:11, psalm 32:8, psalm 121:7-8, proverbs 3:5-6, psalm 16:11, Romans 8:28, proverbs 16:3, Judges 18:5-6



  1. Blood of Jesus nullify every plan of the wicked to stop me, in the name of Jesus.
  2. My vehicle of progress shall not stop until I get to my destination, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every arrow hired into my vehicle tyres back fire, in the name of Jesus.
  4. I bind every power laying their hand on my vehicle for accident, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Father always preserve my going out and coming, in the name of Jesus


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