Dream About African Star Apple.

Dream About African Star Apple

Dream About African Star Apple.

 John 15:8  Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.


Prayer: Every seed of barrenness in my life dies, in the name of Jesus.


African star apple is popularly known as African cherry, agbalumo in Yoruba, and udara in the Igbo language of Nigeria. African star apple a very common dream experience for most women. Dream about African cherry represents both good and bad signs. On the positive angle, it symbolizes abundance, blessings, fruit of the womb, fertility, good news, and success in your undertaking.


Seeing an African cherry in your dream suggests a period of money luck. It is an omen of increasing prosperity, healthy living, and breakthroughs on the negative angle, to see an African star apple or African cherry in the dream, represents illness sadness, attack, and shame, for most women, it can indicate disappointment, trouble, stagnation, death, etc. to dream of picking udera or African cherry, it’s a bad sign. It can suggest failure, delay, ill luck, or rejection. It suggests that you are likely to face challenges that may hinder your breakthrough. Picking this fruit, if you are pregnant, you are likely to lose it except if God is on your side.


If you are seeing or picking this fruit, you may have some battles in your current relationship/marriage that may be thought on you. Do not give up, keep praying. In some other cases, dream of picking many udera, agbalumo, or African cherries, May suggests that you can expect improvement in your situation. To dream of eating agbalumo or African cherry, means sweetness and joy, after a long period of battles. For others, eating this fruit can bring sickness, and death and bring delay to their expectation.


To dream of buying an African star apple means you will have to work hard for everything you get in life. For others, it suggests an attack against their marriage or finances. Pray. To see African cherry seed, means money, a baby, or a big opportunity to come. If you see a rotten African cherry portends sickness/ spiritual weakness. If you are plucking a ripe cherry, it indicates an end of all your troubles or expectation followed by joy and happiness. If you are still worried about this dream, how to overcome is to fire the arrow sent to you back to the sender.


Instruction: Go on 2days fasting and prayers 6 am-6 pm



  1. Every burden in my heart, expires in the name of Jesus.
  2. Any power waiting to hear bad news about me, die in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every demonic fruit assigned to make me infertile in my marriage, die in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every domestic power using this dream to attack me, die in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every stronghold of delay against my breakthrough break, in the name of Jesus.


Picture of Evangelist Joshua Orekhie

Evangelist Joshua Orekhie

Evangelist Joshua Orekhie is the president of Dreams and Deliverance Ministries, is a type of religious organisation focuses on preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, to heal the brokenhearted, to interpret dreams with solutions, to empower the people with prayers and to liberate them from all kind of bondages (Luke 4:18).


If you want to give your life to Christ; you want your sins forgiven; you want to become a child of God; you want to experience the realities of new birth; you want to make heaven;

Or you were once saved and fell along the line, and now you want to rededicate your life to Christ…

Then pray this short prayer of Faith

Say it loud and mean it:

“Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today. Forgive me my sins, wash me with your blood. I believe you died for me, on the third day you rose again that I may be justified. Right now, I believe that my sins are forgiven; I’m justified by your blood; I’m born-again; I’m saved; I’m a child of God; I’m free from the power of sin to serve the living God. Thank you Jesus for receiving me; thank you Jesus for restoring me; thank you Jesus for saving me.

Thank God for your soul. I congratulate you for the best decision of your life. For further details on how to grow in this new light, please click the CONTACT page or any bible believing church near you and ask for the pastor in charge.

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