Spiritual Meaning Of Burning Coconut Tree.

Spiritual Meaning Of Burning Coconut Tree

Spiritual Meaning Of Burning Coconut Tree. MATTHEW 7:19  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.   PRAYER: Every evil stagnancy in my life, I scatter by fire, in the name of Jesus   A burning coconut tree is pregnant with lots of spiritual meanings. A burning coconut tree in the dream or reality may signify deliverance from the captivity of darkness in a family. When you see a person burning a coconut tree, if care is not taken it may result in any kind of attack because, for some, the coconut tree may stand to represent a person’s life or family tree.   Once that tree is raised down with fire, then the glory of a person is under the attack of the household witches or wizards or there will be calamity in the family. This dream is also a warning of death, sickness, failure, stagnation, downfall, poverty, suffering, etc. The dream could be a sign that you will hear distressing news about someone in the family. Stand in the gap for your family and intercede for them.   The spiritual meaning of burning coconut trees varies from person to person. For example, if a sick person dreams of a burning coconut it means he’ll soon recover from that illness attack. If the coconut tree happens to be evil in the dream or reality, seeing it burning, means the fire of God destroying and pulling down all strongholds of the wicked in your life.   This sign is the beginning of something new in your life. There are some wicked coconut trees, once they are pulled down and destroyed they will pave the way for mighty breakthroughs and miracles in the family or community where the tree is situated. For some people, the sign could be a message that something is burning away in their life especially negativity, curses, troubles, spells, etc. It represents something better is coming even if it is hard to see it at the moment.   For several people, a burning coconut tree could be a sign that something bad will hit someone in the community or family. The person may receive the attack of illness and die. Pray with Psalms 35 to cancel the arrow of the wicked. A burning coconut tree may also predict a witch or wizard troubling people’s destiny in that community will fall and die.   The spiritual meaning of the coconut tree can be very shocking. For example, if you see a burning coconut tree with its fruits, this is a bad signal do not take it for granted, it could be a sign that your family will be attacked and people will go poor and wretched. Some people are sign to lose their major asset or investment that has taken them years to build.   You might lose money if you go ahead and invest it in an upcoming project. If you dream of a coconut tree beside your house being burnt down, for some people this is a bad sign of insecurity, danger, and attack, for others this sign predicts joy, happiness, progress, success, and restoration. If the coconut tree fell on a building someone is going to die in that house. Be prayerful or the dream could be a way of telling you that something bad is coming.   In conclusion, The spiritual meaning of a coconut tree burning may be positive or negative sign depending on the state of feeling of someone in the waking life. Above all, pray very well if you feel unstable about the revelation. May the Lord avert any danger waiting to attack you. By the power of God, you shall break the curse operating in your life.   INSTRUCTION: Embark on 3 days fasting 6 am-6 pm   Read: 2Corinthians 10:4-5, Isaiah 54:17, Ephesians 6   Prayers I pull down and destroy every evil tree blocking my progress, in the name of Jesus I disengage my trapped virtues from the body of the demonic tree, in the name of Jesus Oh Lord, let your fire destroy every strongman assigned against me, in the name of Jesus I command my deliverance to manifest by fire, in the name of Jesus I release myself from any intended family bondage, in the name of Jesus Every arrow fired into my life from an evil tree, backfires, in the name of Jesus

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