Dream About Abhor.

Dream About Abhor

Dream About Abhor. PSALM 44:7  But thou hast saved us from our enemies, And hast put them to shame that hated us.     PRAYER: Angels of God, scatter all those plotting against my destiny in Jesus’ name.   A dream that you abhor someone means that you dislike that individual or something in your waking life. To dream that other people abhor you indicates that you are going to be hated by someone. To dream that you abhor a friend in the dream indicates that you need to be more honest about your feelings towards others. To be abhorred by women indicates that other people will see you as unfaithful and selfish in life. When you find something extremely distasteful in your dream, it is a warning of danger or difficult times.   If in your dream, you were hated by those you love, trust, depend on, confide in, or rely on, then it portends the devil trying to bring separation between you and them. Pray that your helpers should not look elsewhere when he or she sees you. If in your dream you abhor someone without a cause, it suggests warning against unnecessary interference in people’s affairs.   A dream in which you despise or detest someone indicates that you do not trust someone in your life. If others despise you, it can indicate feelings of insecurity, inferiority a lack of self-confidence, or a sign of feeling rejected or hated by others. If someone is abhorring you, you may have problems in your relationship with someone.   In conclusion, a dream of abhorring someone may represent your anger towards others. If they hate you, you will experience disappointment or attack from close associates.   INSTRUCTION: PSALM 40:15, JOB 8:22, PSALM 25:2, PSALM 35:2   PRAYER I reject shame, hatred, and rejection in my life in Jesus’ name My life refuse to accept failure in Jesus name Holy ghost fire, pass through my life and set me free in Jesus name O Lord, let the spirit of love and favor saturate me in Jesus’ name O Lord, deliver me from any curse hindering me in Jesus’ name.  

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