Blue Bird Dream Meaning.

Blue Bird Dream Meaning

Blue Bird Dream Meaning.   ISAIAH 31:5  As birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve it.   PRAYER: Every power seeking my life to devour it, die in the name of Jesus.   Blue birds are a symbol of joy, happiness, and peace that are expected very soon. It also indicates angels are with you right now. A dream about blue bird means that you will have success in life. Your heart’s desire will come to pass. The appearance of a bluebird shows that something good is about to come into your life. Bluebird is a sign of luck, good news, and divine guidance.   It is a sign that one is on the right track and is close to achieving their goals. Bluebirds can also be seen as a sign of messengers of hope for those who are struggling with difficult life challenges. Bluebird, for some people, can indicate a satanic bird sent to distract and destroy you. The bluebird can be sent to open the door of trouble in your life.   The bird can be a warning to be alert of our surroundings and some people. However, bluebirds signified freedom, independence, protection, love, and solutions to come. If you see a bluebird flying, it means travel, progress, elevation, and movement toward your goals. If you see a bluebird in your house, it means you will have a guest who will bring joy and happiness into your home.   This could mean the Holy Spirit is in your home to intervene in those issues. To see bluebirds on your shoulder means that you are guided by the Holy Spirit on the path to follow. To see a giant blue bird is a warning sign not to move close to a suspicious person because the person is against you. Pray.   To see two birds foretells a pair of best friends who share their joy and troubles, the two birds signify twin babies, luck, and happiness to come in your life. To dream of a small blue bird tells you to be smart and wise to overcome the barriers in your life. If you dream of catching a bluebird, it means that you are going to achieve a goal or desire that you have been pursuing for a long time, it could be in the areas of love, money, job, or promotion.   To see blue and white birds in your dream reminds you never to lose hope and faith in difficult times. The double color is a confirmation that the Lord will transform your life. To dream of a bluebird singing is a sign that your angel is passing some vital messages to you. Please pay attention to your spirit.   To see a blue bird flying away, may also mean that something good in your life will escape. It could be ideas, glory, vision, and opportunity. To feed a blue bird in your dream means that the Holy Spirit has positioned you to love and care for others in life. To see a blue bird landing on a tree, may mean love is coming or a reminder that your angel is around you.   To dream of a blue bird in a cage means that your goodness and opportunities have been restricted and blocked by negative forces. If you are holding a blue bird, it means that you will overcome your limitations or fears. It may also indicate success and luck in life. If you see a dead blue bird, it may suggest that your life is under attack or the dream can indicate a sense of loss or a feeling of disappointment.   Dreams of Blue birds suggest upcoming success, happiness, luck, or prosperity. If you are praying for a marital breakthrough, the dream reveals a good person with a good spirit will come to you. May God almighty speak to you and give you peace in Jesus’ name.   Read Psalm 84:3, Psalm 50:11   PRAYERS O Lord my God, before my enemies mock me, appear in my situation in Jesus name Any situation that is working against hope in my life, disappear in Jesus name Let the evil presence behind my case disappear now in Jesus’ name My destiny, hear the word of the Lord, you shall not be aborted in Jesus’ name O God open my eyes to behold wondrous things of heaven in Jesus’ name Any evil bird sent to distract me, die in Jesus’ name The assignment of evil bird in my life, shall fail in Jesus’ name.  

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