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Dream Of Sand Being Thrown At Someone

Dream Of Sand Being Thrown At Someone.


PRAYER: Every stone of affliction thrown into my life, go back to your sender in Jesus name


What does sand symbolize in the dream? Did you throw sand on someone or did someone throw sand on your body in a dream?


Dreaming about sand may symbolize abundance, wealth, obstacles, danger, death, illness, dominion, and weakness. Sand can also be seen as dryness, trap, weapon, or long life. Dream of sand being poured on your body or you saw yourself pouring sand on someone you know may have different interpretations, depending on the context. For example, to dream that someone is pouring sand or dust on your body, means that your enemy wants to kill you, put sickness on your body, or try to paralyze the blessings of God in your life.


To see someone throwing sand on you in the dream may represent an attack on your destiny by the wicked. The evil may want to kill your glory and shatter your dream to pieces. However, if you are throwing sand on someone’s body in the dream, it may mean that you want to confirm if the person is good or bad. Throwing sand at someone can also mean that you are not on good terms with someone in the waking life and this dream may just indicate your anger and conflict with someone. When sand is thrown at you, it predicts difficulties and obstacles, it means that you will fall sick and experience defeat. When someone throws sand at you in the dream, it means that you will experience a life of struggle and poverty. When someone throws sand at you in the dream, spiritually it means that you will feel powerless to achieve a goal.


The dream may reveal that you have been trapped in captivity. Throwing sand at someone could also be a sign that you are trying to know if someone has evil intentions against you. You may feel like throwing the dust at that person will neutralize or stop their evil plans against you. so when you see someone or people pouring or throwing sand on your body, it is a sign of trouble, it shows that someone is trying to make life difficult for you and put you to shame. You need to neutralize the curses and bad spirits at work in your life and command the arrow of death, sickness, or bad news to backfire in Jesus’ name.


Instruction: If you feel this dream is causing panic please go on 3 days fasting and prayers from 6 am-6 pm. Read Psalm 118:17



  1. Every dust of death projected at my life, backfires in Jesus name
  2. Every arrow of poverty fired against me, backfire in Jesus’ name
  3. Let the dust torment the enemies after my life in Jesus’ name
  4. My light refuse to be covered by evil hands in Jesus name
  5. I fire back the misfortune fired into my life in Jesus’ name
  6. Every power assigned to afflict me with pains, die in Jesus’ name
  7. Blood of Jesus, destroy the effect of their curses upon my life in Jesus’ name.



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