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Dream Of Eating Rice And Stew

Dream Of Eating Rice And Stew.


 ISAIAH 54:15  Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.


PRAYER: Ever problem turning to food for me to eat, I reject it in Jesus name


Eating rice and stew in a dream can be a symbol of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. It could also indicate that you will soon have something to celebrate. This dream can only represent your desire to eat rice and stew in your waking life. Your mind may be telling you to eat what your body demands. Dreaming of eating rice and stew may indicate nourishment, comfort, and abundance in your waking life. It could mean that God is about to bless you or that He is blessing you.


The dream of rice and stew implies that you will be blessed with a peaceful and prosperous life. Eating rice symbolizes good health, happiness, economic prosperity, and divine provision. This dream of eating rice signifies that you are going to experience a financial breakthrough. Similarly, stew is symbolic of comfort, safety, and protection.


If you eat rice and stew in a dream, it is a sign that your life will be filled with peace, happiness, and progress. The dream suggests that you should continue to work hard and maintain a positive attitude towards life. if you dream of eating rice and stew with others can indicate that you are going to enjoy good times with your friends and family. On the other hand, eating rice and stew can be a bad omen, it may represent a spiritual attack.


The devil is opening the door of sickness, weakness, failure, death, limitation, pollution, bewitchment, and hardship. The dream foretells an attack on your health, potential, and finances. It also implies that you should be careful of people who may want to serve you food that your spirit feels reluctant to eat. This dream may show that you have been caged and afflicted. You need to pray hard to purge out the evil arrow in your body.


If you are eating rice and stew in the dream and wake up to find rice in your mouth, it is a sign to let you know that you are under evil manipulations. Pray to cancel the arrow of death and loss. Eating rice and stew could symbolize that you are weak in the word of God and need to be stronger in faith.


In conclusion, a dream of eating rice and stew may foretell that you have a close person who is attacking you. Command the attack to backfire in Jesus’ name. Pray to break the covenant with the devil. Vomit out the evil food programmed in your life, you are restored in Jesus’ name


INSTRUCTION: Embark on 3 days of fasting and prayers from 6 am-6 pm


Take a little portion of anointing oil and drink it to neutralize the evil food in your life. (Read Isaiah 10:27)



  1. Every evil food that I have eaten in the dream, come out in Jesus’ name
  2. Every sickness in my body through dreams, come out in Jesus name
  3. Every power that is using rice to abort my glory, die in Jesus’ name
  4. Anyone that wants to use rice to kill me, you are a liar, die in Jesus’ name
  5. O Lord, render the plans of the enemy over my life useless in Jesus’ name
  6. Every agenda of the enemy to destroy me, backfires in Jesus’ name
  7. O Lord save my health from the attack of the enemy in Jesus’ name.





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