Dream About Mattress

Dream About Mattress

Dream About Mattress

 Proverbs 3:24  When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.


Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


PRAYERS- Father, take away my worry and give me a sound mind, in the name of Jesus.


The mattress is a symbol of rest, sleep, and comfort. Seeing a mattress in a dream may symbolize a desire to rest or sleep. It can also indicate an enticement to have a sexual relationship. A mattress may signify a goal that you must achieve. A good mattress suggests a good life. Negatively; it might represent laziness, joblessness, weakness, procrastination, and delay. Sometimes, a mattress in a dream can be a sign to eliminate stress and improve your mental health.


To dream of a dirty mattress, suggests sickness, trouble, worry, and pains. To dream that you are sleeping in bed, foretells that you need to take things easy and try to find ways to relax. Sleeping in bed relieves you from stress and pain. To sleep on a dirty mattress suggests that you are uncomfortable and if married it indicates marital trouble. If you sleep on a good balancing mattress, you will encounter peace, comfort, and good health. To dream of a new mattress is a sign of mental comfort, joy, and prosperity to dream of an old mattress suggests approaching difficult in current circumstances.


To dream of carrying a mattress, suggest you have a home problem or an approaching of new chapter in your life. It might also indicate your intention to look for rest. Maybe you quarreled with someone in your current house and you intend to leave the house to seek for inner peace. To see mattress on the floor, it means you need a good balanced life. That is, you need to do necessary things like eating well, finding time to rest, to engage in some form of physical exercise. To dream of talking from the bed, it is an omen of bad news in regard to health, finance, career and family. If your child falls from the bed, death is approaching.


To dream of mattress, it represents wealth and riches to come. Now is the time to get a house and build your life in it. However, the dream is a sign of new beginning.  A dream of seeing of snake under your mattress, it symbolizes you are under demonic attack, a sign that you are resting in a satanic foundation, and this is affecting your life. To see money under your mattress, it symbolizes that you are going to be successful in your future endeavor. To see bug on your mattress, it means sickness assigned to consume your resources. To throw away your mattress, it means you are trying to get rid of something in you that is no longer needed.  This could be an old habit, a toxic relationship, or even a job that is no longer fulfilling. You are ready to let go and move on to something new. To see a wet mattress, it predicts sickness.


To see a blood-stained mattress, it is a sign of bad news and aborted plans. To dream of bedwetting, it’s a sign of sham and reproach. To cover the mattress with a bed sheet, it means now it’s time to relax, sleep or have a good time with your partner. Sleeping on a mattress with someone, it means having a good time with someone. It suggests your strong bond with your lover. To see rat on your mattress, it indicates difficulties. To receive attach on your mattress, means a warning of danger to come. Seeing your kids on a mattress means you need to make your kids happy and improve their mental health, spend quality time with them.


Bible/Ref: psalm 4:8, psalm 23, psalm 4:8, psalm 62:1-2, proverbs 3:21-24, Jeremiah 6:16, Mathew 11:28, psalm 91

John 14:27, peter 5:7.



  1. As I go to bed tonight, oh lord let my sleep be sweet in the name of Jesus.
  2. Father, let my troubled soul find rest and peace in the name of Jesus.
  3. As I lie down to sleep, oh lord watch over me lest I sleep the sleep of death, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Oh lord let me be comfortable in life in the name of Jesus.
  5. I rebuke the spirit of affliction assigned against me in the day of my comfort, in the name of Jesus.


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Evangelist Joshua Orekhie

Evangelist Joshua Orekhie is the president of Dreams and Deliverance Ministries, is a type of religious organisation focuses on preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, to heal the brokenhearted, to interpret dreams with solutions, to empower the people with prayers and to liberate them from all kind of bondages (Luke 4:18).


If you want to give your life to Christ; you want your sins forgiven; you want to become a child of God; you want to experience the realities of new birth; you want to make heaven;

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Then pray this short prayer of Faith

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“Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today. Forgive me my sins, wash me with your blood. I believe you died for me, on the third day you rose again that I may be justified. Right now, I believe that my sins are forgiven; I’m justified by your blood; I’m born-again; I’m saved; I’m a child of God; I’m free from the power of sin to serve the living God. Thank you Jesus for receiving me; thank you Jesus for restoring me; thank you Jesus for saving me.

Thank God for your soul. I congratulate you for the best decision of your life. For further details on how to grow in this new light, please click the CONTACT page or any bible believing church near you and ask for the pastor in charge.

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