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Black Scorpion Dream Meaning

Black Scorpion Dream Meaning.


JAMES 4:7  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.


PRAYER: I paralyze and destroy every serpentine poison in my life in Jesus’ name.


Scorpion in a dream is a warning of potential danger and attack to come. A black scorpion may represent someone’s dark mind or evil intention towards you. The black scorpion may mean that you are feeling threat by something or someone in your waking life. It could also be a warning that you should be careful as danger is looming.


Black scorpions may symbolize death, illness, misfortunes, and obstacles. A dream about a black scorpion may urge you to watch out for someone’s behavior, the person may be a threat to your life and plans. But if you are not afraid of the black scorpion, it could indicate that you have the strength and ability to face your fears or problems and overcome them with prayers. Scorpions are known to be poisonous and capable of killing a man through their bite.


Therefore, seeing a black scorpion in a dream may indicate that you are in a dangerous situation that could mess up your life. It is even possible the scorpion will bite the fellow in the waking life. Scorpion is usually a sign of deception and charm. There could be someone trying to betray you, hurt you, or even insult you. In the Bible, scorpions are considered a symbol of evil and temptation (Luke 10:19).


So if you see a black scorpion, it could mean an unfriendly friend who knows about you will one day come after you spiritually to hinder you. So during this time, you need to stay vigilant. Seeing a black scorpion in your dream is telling you to distance yourself from unhealthy relationships.


Scorpion could also be alerting you that there is a place you should not go, if you go you will be attacked or face your troubles. Black scorpion in your dream may be telling you to stop having evil plans against someone that do you no damage, because if you eventually plan against them, then the scorpion may bite you.


Sometimes, God may allow you to see a scorpion in your dream so that you can wake up and pray against the evil coming after you. The black scorpion represents an aggressive and toxic person, it could be you or someone else. However, the dream is a reminder to protect yourself from potential harm in your life.


To dream of a black scorpion sting you may symbolize evil attachment, demonic influence that leads to attacks and manipulation. If the black scorpion bites and attacks you, it is a warning of sickness, death, betrayal, or attack from close associates. The dream could mean that you are about to make a mistake due to fear and pressure.


To see a big giant black scorpion, could indicate a big obstacle or opposition to your progress. To dream of catching a black scorpion, may mean that you will achieve something big that you have been afraid of doing. To see a black scorpion in your house symbolizes that some areas of your life need cleansing. It may be your house, sin, habit, etc.


So scorpion in the house is a sin that your house is vulnerable to attacks. Prayerfully protect your home and your job. To see a black scorpion chasing you, means the ancestral marine powers are after you. These powers are behind your troubles, kill them. To see a black scorpion in bed represents marital trouble. To see many black scorpions indicates that you have many battles to overcome in life. This is a sign of marine bondage and covenant.


To see a black scorpion on your back, it could be a sign that someone is talking evil against you or the scorpion could be sent to afflict you in any way you go. They make sure you do not receive a solution to your problems. To eat scorpion portends evil imitation and sickness unto death. A black scorpion emerging from the sand is a sign that powers are raging against you from the foundation.


You need to pray against it. To see scorpions and snakes in your dream means your problems are coming from the marine world. Go for deliverance. If you kill the black scorpion, it means that you will triumph over your enemies. This means that you are about to experience happiness and celebration. Killing a black scorpion indicates overcoming the power of darkness troubling your progress.


In conclusion, a black scorpion is teaching us a lesson to be wary of evil works in our lives. May God protect us from danger.


INSTRUCTION: Embark on 7 days of fasting and prayers from 6 am-6 pm.


Read; Luke 10:19, Ephesians 6:11-12, James 4:7, Number 21:6



  1. Incantation from the mouth of the wicked against me, backfire in Jesus name
  2. Serpentine powers assigned to make me cry, and die in Jesus’ name
  3. Any power using the serpent to bite, bite your sender in Jess’s name
  4. Demonic spirit targeting my life for destruction, be crushed to pieces in Jesus’ name
  5. Environmental serpent limiting my progress, be wasted in Jesus’ name
  6. Power weakening my spiritual strength, you are a liar, die in Jesus’ name
  7. Power to defeat every serpent and scorpion, fall on me in Jesus’ name.



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