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Biblical Meaning Of Handbag In A Dream

Biblical Meaning Of Handbag In A Dream.


 DEUTERONOMY 25:13  “You shall not have in your bag differing weights, a heavy and a light. You shall not have in your house differing measures, a large and a small. You shall have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and measure, that your days may be lengthened in the land the LORD your God is giving you.


PRAYER: Bad family history affecting my destiny, break in the name of Jesus.


Dreaming about a handbag can mean different things. Handbags can be a symbol of your personal needs, desires, or goals. A handbag is a symbol of love, beauty, and balance. Carting a handbag in your dream can mean carrying responsibility or burdens. Alternatively, it may be a way of seeking recognition and attention from the opposite sex.


If the handbag is empty, it means that you are feeling empty or incomplete, preventing you from meeting your own needs. If the handbag was stolen from you, it may indicate disappointment in your plans or a breakup in a love affair. If you had money in your purse or handbag, it could indicate financial stability and prosperity. If you have jewelry or other valuable items in your handbag, it can indicate possession, power, success, influence, happiness, goodness, and progress.


Dreaming about a handbag can mean that you need to fulfill your personal needs to be happy and successful. A handbag in a dream symbolizes the things you carry with you in life. It may represent your aspirations, secrets, desires, or possessions. It may also represent your identity, self-worth, and personal style.


If you dream of buying a handbag, it could indicate that you are ready to invest in your goals, your goals, or your future. Seeing a handbag signifies that you need to be more independent, self-sufficient, or self-reliant. Losing your identity, your possessions, or your sense of control. A dream of someone stealing your handbag may also indicate that you feel vulnerable, exposed, or invaded in your personal life. If you dream of finding a handbag, it may suggest recovery or the discovery of new opportunities, talents, or resources that you didn’t know you had.


A handbag can represent your fashion sense, social status, or economic power. It may also signify your ability to organize your life, your work, or your plans. A designer handbag indicates that you want to be noticed, admired, or respected by others. A dream of seeing a handbag may symbolize security, confidence, and a feeling of superiority. So, dreaming of receiving a handbag as a gift, signifies an unexpected reward gift to come.


To give away a handbag portends the need for sacrifice that brings joy and peace of mind. To see your bag being torn or damaged signifies obstacles and difficulty in your plans and expectations. In some cases, a handbag can represent one’s spiritual journey or calling. It may signify the need to carry and protect the divine teaching or messages that have been entrusted to the dreamer.


In conclusion, a dream about carrying a handbag can foretell an improvement in your relationship or financial position. May the Lord beautify your life for others to behold the wonders in your life in Jesus’ name.


BIBLICAL REFERENCES: Deuteronomy 25:13, 1 Samuel 10:22, Genesis 42:25, Job 14:17



  1. Powers assigned to take away my possessions, be defeated in Jesus’ name
  2. Every power trying to know my secret plans, you shall not succeed in Jesus’ name
  3. The power of God moves my life forward and upward in Jesus’ name
  4. Father, establish me and make me prosperous in Jesus’ name
  5. Powers that say my plans will not be successful, you are a liar, die in Jesus’ name
  6. I take authority over the spirit of loss and disappointment. No evil plans shall prevail in my life in Jesus’ name
  7. My father, open the doors of opportunity for me in Jesus’ name.


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